We Love Food

Most of all, we love food that is good for you: simple, tasty and appetizing foods prepared from scratch with fresh, sustainably sourced and better-for-you ingredients, providing balanced nourishment for your body and soul.

Transparency matters. We pride ourselves on providing our chefs with ingredients that not only taste great, but are as clean as possible. We put a lot of time and effort into sourcing and procuring the products we use in our kitchens. And, rest assured, we never sacrifice quality for cost. To ensure exceptional offerings at The Browning School, we regularly visit our vendors and manufacturers.

Nutrition and sustainability go hand in hand. Cater to You’s dedication to sustainability goes beyond making responsible food decisions. We care about our planet and respect the resources it provides. We enjoy partnering with our schools to initiate or support environmental stewardship programming such as farmer’s markets and composting in an effort to effect positive, lasting change.

Our Standards for Quality Products

  • From scratch cooking; nothing is ever canned, frozen, or pre-made. Even our dressings are created by us.

  • No Antibiotics Ever (NAE) and 100% vegetarian feed for the animal proteins we offer.

  • The milk we serve contains no growth hormones (rBST), no pesticides or insecticides.

  • Eggs come from certified humane and pasture-raised hens that roam freely and forage outside.

  • Fish is selected from Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® recommendations.

  • Produce is sourced seasonally and locally first before we venture out.

  • Snacks and condiments contain minimal ingredients and never contain high fructose corn syrup, food coloring, carrageenan, or other offensive additives.

  • Beverages include filtered water, seasonal fresh-made agua frescas, and fresh-brewed iced teas that are organic, fairly traded, and caffeine free.

  • Dessert options often include iced fruit bars made with just three ingredients: water, fruit, and a little organic cane sugar.

  • Bread and bakery items are delivered fresh daily from a local source that is also certified nut free.

  • We are conscious of emerging health and nutrition trends, adjusting our procurement standards as necessary.

Our Preferred Products