Our skilled professionals are the success of our program.

Being part of the school community is essential to our food service team in providing the best dining experience and customer service. Through understanding the taste of our diners, we enhance their daily food options and provide a comforting setting.

Building the best team for your community starts with our selective recruitment process to find the most talented professionals. Our staff is continually trained and educated with an emphasis on food, nutrition, allergen awareness, safety and sanitation.

All Managers, Chefs and Sous Chefs are ServSafe certified by the American National Standards Institute and have successfully completed allergy awareness training through AllerTrain® and ServSafe®. 


Chef Manager Gene DeFreitas

Chef Gene DeFreitas joined Cater to You at the Saint David’s School in 2014 after nearly three decades in the hospitality industry.  His culinary career began as a dishwasher at a small restaurant in his native Hawaii. Inspired by the fast, creative environment of the kitchen, Chef Gene quickly worked his way up to breakfast cook.  From there, Chef Gene pursued his culinary passion and exceled in high profile kitchens in Las Vegas, Washington D.C. and New York to become the extraordinarily talented and multifaceted chef he is today.

Chef Gene loves working at The Browning School, and credits his success at Browning to his phenomenal supporting cast of versatile kitchen staff members who possess the ability to transition between stations in the front and back of the house while creating a seamless dining experience for the Browning school community.  Gene enjoys working with his team and contributing his culinary talent to Browning School’s warm community of students and faculty. 

Chef Gene’s specialty is seafood. He finds cooking it to be both challenging and rewarding due to its delicate nature and unique cooking method.  In his free time, Gene relishes in the beauty his Long Island, where he lives with his family. 


Sous Chef Luis Gonzalez

 Sous Chef Luis Gonzalez

Luis has been with Cater to You since 2000. Prior to joining the Browning School team, he worked at Nightingale Bamford School and Little Red School House.

Luis grew up in Mexico City and attended the University of Mexico City before coming to New York. In Mexico, his mother owns a café that has been in operation for over 40 years. At a young age, Luis helped her prepare foods and by the age of 11, he had mastered all of the dishes on the menu. After learning from his mother, he went to work at a French provincial restaurant where his brother is the head chef.

French cuisine quickly became one of Luis’ favorites. His specialty is sauces.

When Luis is at home he loves to make breakfast foods like french toast, pancakes, and bacon.

Luis' favorite aspect of cooking for the Browning School community is being able to work with fresh, high quality ingredients and seeing everyone’s reaction when they enjoy the dishes that his team prepared.